Event No: 1    14-15 TH MARCH 2009 Drag Race Event Race Results
Class Winners & Runners Up
SS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 94.Frankie Ellul 11.35sec
2nd Place 25.Sammy Ciantar
3rd Place 303.Mark Attard
SM 2 Class Winner 1st Place 19.Marco Grech 11.84sec
SM 5 Class Winner 1st Place 65.Charles Pisani 12.58sec
PS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 232.Paul Pace 11.22sec
CA 2 Class Winner 1st Place  232.Paul Pace 11.26sec
CA4 Class Winner 1st Place  197.Paul Attard 10.76sec
D6 Class Winner 1st Place  93.Alan Desira 7.62sec
2nd Place 34.Johan Desira
OP 2 Class Winner 1st Place  158.Patrick Scerri 9.26sec
OP 5 Class[1] Winner 1st Place  196.Joe Desira 8.28sec
OP 6 Class[2] Winner 1st Place  34.Johan Desira 8.12sec
Truck Open Class Winner 1st Place  11.Tommy Aguis 13.34sec
Truck H/Capp Class Winner 1st Place  11.Tommy Aguis 10.63sec
Cars H/Capp Class 1 Winner 1st Place 256.John Martin 10.538sec
Cars H/Capp Class 2 Winner 1st Place 376.Andre Bugeja 12.20sec
Cars H/Capp Class 3 Winner 1st Place 397.Emanuel Degorgio 13.80sec
M/Cycle Open Class Winner 1st Place  304.Shawn Butigieg 9.24sec
2nd Place 324.Walter Mallo
M/Cycle Street Class Winner 1st Place  326.Horace Gerada 8.96sec
2nd Place 125.Mario Attard
3rd Place 167.Carmelo Ciantar
Bracket Racing Results
14.500 to 14.999 Winner 1st Place 334.Martin Farrugia 15.74sec
13.500 to 13.999 Winner 1st Place 17.Anton Debono 13.89sec
2nd Place 397.Emanuel Degorgio
13.000 to 13.499 Winner 1st Place 331.Elton Scerri 17.75sec
2nd Place 336.Chris Belizzi
12.500 to 12.999 Winner 1st Place 399.Clinton Degorgio 13.22sec
12.000 to 12.499 Winner 1st Place 376.Andre Bugeja 12.21sec
11.500 to 11.999 Winner 1st Place 70.Chris Borg 11.61sec
2nd Place 85.Kevin Ghrixti
11.000 to 11.499 Winner 1st Place 94.Frankie Ellul 11.32sec
2nd Place 65.Charles Pisani
10.50 to 10.999 Winner 1st Place 88.Lawrence Mifsud 10.69sec
10.00 to 10.499 Winner 1st Place 74.Noel Debatista 16.90sec
Personal best/Records
11.Tommy Aguis Truck Rekord 10.41sec Maksar Truck
148.Frankie Spiteri Personal Best 9.9sec Mazda Rx7
85.Kevin Ghrixti Personal Best 11.4sec Ford Escort 17 T Diesel (isuzu)
74.Noel Debatista Personal Best 10.2sec Ford Escort 2.1 + NOS
197.Paul Attard Personal Best 10.4sec Ford Escort 2.1 Turbo
93.Alan Desira Personal Best 7.62sec Dragster
326.Horace Gerada Personal Best 8.96sec Hayabusa Motorcycle
303.Mark Attard Personal Best 11.26sec Ford Escort MK1 2100