Event No: 1    27-28 th MARCH 2010 Street Car Event Race Results
Bracket Racing Results
16.000 to 16.499 Winner 1st Place JAU-626 Kevin Galea 16.08sec
15.000 to 15.499 Winner 1st Place JAP-431 Isac Scerri 15.17sec
2nd Place GSI-949 Etienne Buttigieg
14.000 to 14.499 Winner 1st Place DIA-180 Aldo Spiteri 14.05sec
2nd Place ANT-908 Martin Scerri
13.500-13.999 Winner 1st Place HON-155 Noel Cutajar 13.71sec
2nd Place FAF-963 Keith Borg
13.000-13.499 Winner 1st Place GAI-031 James Aquilina 13.37sec
2nd Place FBO-945 Richard Muscat
12.500-12.999 Winner 1st Place ABQ-123 Albert Scicluna 12.9sec
12.000-12.499 Winner 1st Place VTC-086 Mauro Anastasi 12.24sec
11.000-11.499 Winner 1st Place JBJ-872 Clive Butler 11.23sec
9.000-9.499 Winner 1st Place VTI-700 Miguel Montebello 10.17sec
MOTORCYCLE Winner 1st Place GSX-998 Rodney Randich 9.00sec
2nd Place ZXT-998 John Cutajar 9.16sec
3rd Place BEN-001 Valter Mallo 9.23sec