Event No: 3   17/18 th JUNE 2011  Night Event Drag Race Results
Class Winners & Runners Up
SS 1 Class Winner 1st Place 221.Christian Pace 12.41sec  
SS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 70.Chris Borg 11.40sec
2nd Place 94.Frankie Ellul
SS 4 Class Winner 1st Place 416.John Spiteri 10.12sec
SM 2 Class Winner 1st Place 23.Paul Pace 11.64sec
2nd Place 375.Gordon Micallef
SM 3 Class Winner 1st Place 165.George Aquilina 11.69sec
SM 4 Class Winner 1st Place 144.Godwin Carbott 9.96sec
CA 2 Class Winner 1st Place 163.Justin Muscat 10.99sec
2nd Place 46.Paul Ciantar
PS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 46.Paul Ciantar 11.17sec
Truck Open Class Winner 1st Place 11.Tommy Aguis 10.56sec
Escort Class 2 Winner 1st Place  94.Frankie Ellul 17.88sec
Cars H/Capp Class 1 Winner 1st Place 535.Justin Vella 11.77sec
2nd Place 21.Sandro Cutajar
3 rd Place 355.Charlo Falzon
Cars H/Capp Class 2 Winner 1st Place 170.Joseph Bugeja 13.33sec
3 rd Place 254.Elvio Mifsud
M/Cycle Open Class Winner 1st Place  603.Mark Aguis 17.46sec
2nd Place 326.Horace Gerada
M/Cycle SS 1 Class Winner 1st Place  239.Chris Vella 8.35sec
M/Cycle SS 2A Class Winner 1st Place  304.Shawn Butigieg 11.12sec
2nd Place 555.Richard Schembri
Motorcycle Bracket Racing Results
9.00 to 9.499 Winner 1st Place 304.Shawn Butigieg 9.15sec
2nd Place 555.Richard Schembri
8.00 to 8.499 Winner 1st Place 71.Franklin Borg 9.029sec
Bracket Racing Results
13.00 to 13.499 Winner 1st Place 20.Mario Mifsud 13.10sec
2nd Place 18.Gilbert Busutill
12.500 to 12.999 Winner 1st Place 81.Mario Attard 12.70sec
12.000 to 12.499 Winner 1st Place 221.Christian Pace 12.47sec
2nd Place 605.Charles Spiteri
11.500 to 11.999 Winner 1st Place 121.Martin Scerri 11.91sec
2nd Place 535.Justin Vella
11.000 to 11.499 Winner 1st Place 323.Lewis Vella 11.50sec
10.500 to 10.999 Winner 1st Place 401.Daniel Micallef 11.34sec
10.00 to 10.499 Winner 1st Place 200.Charlie Camilleri 11.71sec