Event No: 1   16/17/18 th March 2012   Drag Race Event Results
Class Winners & Runners Up
SS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 70.Chris Borg 11.180sec
2nd Place 94.Frankie Ellul
3 rd Place 41.Emidio Vassallo
SM 2 Class Winner 1st Place 375.Gordon Micallef 11.32sec
SM 4 Class Winner 1st Place 207.Miguel Montebello 9.93sec
316.Anton Baldachino
SM 5 Class Winner 1st Place 316.Anton Baldachino 12.71sec
CA 3 Class Winner 1st Place 163.Justin Muscat 10.67sec
2nd Place 443.Clint Fenech
Open 1 Class Winner 1st Place 526.Adrian Muscat 9.36sec
Open 2 Class Winner 1st Place 33.Mark Farrugia 9.328sec
2nd Place 526.Adrian Muscat
Open 6 Class Winner 1st Place 76.Emanuel Mangion 7.33sec
PS 2 Class Winner 1st Place 46.Paul Ciantar 9.91sec
2nd Place 163.Justin Muscat
D 6 Class Winner 1st Place 339.Ruben Scicluna 7.653sec
DTA 6 Class Winner 1st Place 10.Chris Polidano 5.64sec
Escort Class 2 Winner 1st Place  375.Gordon Micallef 11.32sec
2nd Place 70.Chris Borg
3 rd Place 94.Frankie Ellul
 Diesel Open Class Winner 1st Place  414.Justin bugeja 11.32sec
Cars H/Capp Class 1 Winner 1st Place 663.Stephen Bugeja 15.85sec
2nd Place 104.Martin Scerri
M/Cycle Open Class Winner 1st Place  71.Franklin Borg 9.173sec
2 rd Place 450.Glenn Borg
M/Cycle SS 1 Class Winner 1st Place  450.Glenn Borg 7.91sec
M/Cycle SS 2A Class Winner 1st Place  386.John Cutajar 8.87sec
2nd Place 291.Melanie Schembri
3 rd Place 502.Simon Bonello
Motorcycle Bracket Racing Results
10.00 to 10.499 Winner 1st Place 641.Antonio Coniglio 10.579sec
9.00 to 9.499 Winner 1st Place 239.Chris Vella 9.02sec
2nd Place 325.Rodney Randich
3 rd Place 521.Carl Iles
8.50 to 8.999 Winner 1st Place 386.John Cutajar 8.806sec
8.00 to 8.499 Winner 1st Place 71.Franklin Borg 9.11sec
Bracket Racing Results
13.499 to 13.999 Winner 1st Place 396.Wayne Zammit 13.73sec
13.000 to 13.499 Winner 1st Place 624.Ettienne Mizzi 17.32sec
12.499 to 12.999 Winner 1st Place 110.Joe Muscat 12.89sec
2nd Place 658.Hadrian Borg
12.000 to 12.499 Winner 1st Place 138.James Aquilina 12.10sec
2nd Place 414.Justin bugeja
11.500 to 11.999 Winner 1st Place 25.Sammy Ciantar 11.55sec
2nd Place 303.Mark Attard
11.000 to 11.499 Winner 1st Place 104.Martin Scerri 11.35sec
2nd Place 551.Stephen Camilleri
10.500 to 10.999 Winner 1st Place 397.Clint Degorgio 10.54sec
10.00 to 10.499 Winner 1st Place 89.Lawrence Ghrixti 10.47sec
9.00 to 9.499 Winner 1st Place 314.Jimmy Ciapara 9.74sec