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Welcome to MaltaBillboards, a growing subsidiary of OwenWebDesign.

Browse the billboard catalogs on the left, then request a quote by email. It's best to include your target location, date of start of campaign and duration of campaign.
All Billboards are available on first come, first served basis.
Book well in advance, as some locations are often pre-booked by up to 6months.

Contact us now for further information,
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We have over 20 years of experience in the field and are your one-stop-shop agents - we can book your presence, design the billboard, install it and remove it when your campaign is over.

Through arrangements with billboard owners we charge regular market prices - you will NOT be charged extra commission.

All billboards are fully regulated.


Do you own a billboard? Would you like it to be solidly book all year round? Contact us NOW and get featured here, on Malta's ultimate billboard list. Thousands of clients visit us every month making bookings and queries.

Owen Web Design is one of Malta's first web development houses, constantly producing successful websites since 1996. We offer discrete experience and constant innovation - our clients know what is best for them and we simply guide them online. Websites we produce look great and last long - bringing great value for money and enhancing client's presence online many times over.

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